Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholars Program 2024

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholars Program 2024

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholars Program 2024

Applications for the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholars Program 2024/2025 are now being accepted from adequately qualified candidates interested in studying abroad in Canada. PhD applicants may apply to this program.

This internship is an opportunity awarded to qualified international PhD candidates. This program is organized by Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and located in Canada. Through its Scholarship, Fellowship, and Mentorship programs, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation focuses on the leadership development of successful Scholars.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation (French: Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau), commonly called the Trudeau Foundation (French: Fondation Trudeau), is a Canadian charity founded in 2001 named after former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau. Donations to the charity increased when Justin Trudeau became the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and again in 2015 when the party won the federal election. In early 2023, most of the board of directors resigned, in light of a $200,000 donation from Chinese political strategists and billionaire Zhang Bin. The donation was reported in the context of allegations of Chinese government interference in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian federal elections.

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The objective is to empower scholars to have meaningful impact in the world, equipping them with the skills to be leaders in their institutions and communities and instilling in them values crucial for Engaged Leaders, such as engagement with a plurality of perspectives, service to the community, audacity and innovation.

Internship Summary:

Company/Organization: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Program Location: Canada

Program Duration: 3 Year

Available Slot: Several

Basic Qualifications: PhD

Nationality: International Students

Requirement and Eligibility Criteria for Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholars Program 2024:

  •  You must be registered or already accepted into or in year one or two (beginning year three in September 2024 or later) of a full-time doctoral program, and expected to complete your doctoral studies in 2027 or later.
  •  Your field of study is broadly related to the humanities or human sciences of direct relevance to the future of Canada; (please refer to the FAQ for more details and read up on past scholarship recipients)
  • Your doctoral work must relate to at least one of the Foundation’s Four Themes: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, People and their Natural Environment.
  • Be a Canadian citizen studying at a Canadian or foreign institution, or a non-Canadian (permanent resident of Canada or foreign national) enrolled in a doctoral program at a Canadian institution.

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Application Procedures for the 2024/2025 Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholars Program (how to apply):

Interested applicants for the 2024 Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholars Program are to apply directly to the Foundation through the online application portal. Applicants will need to provide the following in order to complete their application:

  • Demographic information on yourself.
  • Essay Questions: Provide answers (200 to 400 words) to essay questions.
  • Doctoral Projects and Themes.
  • Referees
  • Language skills, Post-secondary Education, Achievements and Experience.
  • Upload Transcripts.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2023.

For more information about this opportunity, Visit the Official Webpage.

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