Partial Scholarships 2024 at Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) Masters Scholarships 2024

Partial Scholarships 2024 at Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

Calling all bright students from domestic countries! Applications are now open for the Partial Scholarships 2024 at Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). This is your chance to elevate your career to new heights with this golden opportunity. The KIT Scholarship Fund aims to equip recipients with the knowledge to make a positive impact on healthcare, whether in their own country or globally. Thanks to the generosity of KIT alumni, foundations, friends of KIT, and the KIT Scholarship Fund, this scholarship is paving the way for better health worldwide. Join us in our mission to support healthcare improvement efforts and seize this opportunity to make a difference! Apply now and be part of the change.

The Master’s scholarship, valued at €18,500, helps cover tuition fees for a master’s program lasting up to 12 months. Any additional expenses are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient. The scholarship period aligns with the dates specified in the award letter and typically spans one academic year. The overarching goal of the KIT Scholarship Fund is to empower recipients to enhance healthcare in their home country or globally through their acquired knowledge and skills. This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of KIT alumni, foundations, friends of KIT, and the KIT Scholarship Fund, all dedicated to promoting better health worldwide.

KIT Royal Tropical Institute, originally established in 1910 as the Colonial Institute, underwent a significant transition from its colonial-focused origins to become a leading institution in international development cooperation and global health. Renamed KIT Royal Tropical Institute in 2006, it remains dedicated to promoting sustainable development, improving health outcomes, and fostering cross-cultural understanding. Today, KIT continues to innovate and collaborate with partners worldwide to address contemporary challenges in a rapidly changing global landscape.

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Scholarship Summary:

Scholarship Sponsor(s): KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Host Institution(s): KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Netherlands

Scholarship Worth: Funded

Number of Awards: Several

Study Level: Masters

Nationality: Developing Countries

Requirements and eligibility criteria for Partial Scholarships 2024 at Royal Tropical Institute (KIT):

  • Professional with at least two to three years of relevant work experience.
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in medicine or other academic education related to healthcare (e.g., nursing, health sciences, social sciences with a focus on healthcare).
  • Preferably demonstrated commitment to the public cause, such as working in remote rural areas or for disadvantaged populations.
  • Endorsement of the objectives and aims of the KIT Scholarship Fund and the donors, including a commitment to return to the candidate’s country of origin to contribute to improving the health situation with acquired knowledge and skills.
  • National of, and working and living in, a low-income country at the time of application.
  • Academic admission to the KIT master’s program for which the candidate applies for a KIT Scholarship Fund scholarship.
  • Not employed by multinational corporations, large national or commercial organizations, bilateral or multilateral donor organizations, international NGOs, or similar entities.
  • Working in a field where studying at KIT can make a relevant contribution.
  • Able to introduce newly acquired skills and knowledge in the workplace.
  • Available full-time to pursue the course without interruption, and physically and mentally able to participate in the entire program.
  • Must have other financial means, in addition to the partial scholarship from the KIT Scholarship Fund, to cover all costs, which can include employer support, savings, or support from other sources.
  • Encouragement for candidates from certain Arab countries to apply for a scholarship from the Rabbani Foundation, with more information available on their website regarding eligible countries and criteria.

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Application Procedure for Partial Scholarships 2024 at Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (How to apply);

Interested and eligible candidates are invited to apply for the KIT Scholarship Fund here. Please note that only applicants accepted for the Master of Public Health and Health Equity program can apply for this scholarship. Before applying for the scholarship, you must first apply to KIT to obtain academic admission.

To qualify for the scholarship, you must have a proven source of co-funding or other funding to cover all study-related costs, including approximately 18,200 Euros. Ensure you meet all requirements before starting the application process, as incomplete applications will not be considered.

Additionally, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Admission letter to the Master of Public Health and Health Equity program.
    Proof of financing for the remaining funding amount, which can include bank statements, letters of financial support, or other sources of financing. If using a currency other than the Euro, provide a correct conversion to the Euro with the conversion date.
  • A motivation letter explaining why you are applying to the KIT Scholarship Fund and how you plan to utilize the skills acquired for the public good.
  • A 500-700 word essay describing a public health problem you have encountered in the past two years, its impact on the community and health system, and your proposed solutions or discussions for addressing the issue.
  • Ensure that all documents are prepared and submitted as per the specified guidelines to increase your chances of being considered for the scholarship.

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Application Deadline: March 15, 2024

For more information about this opportunity, Visit the Official Webpage.

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